Calgary Institutions


By the Grace and Will of Allah and the generous support of the community, MAC purchased Al-Salam Centre in September 2016. The center is located in the lively and well-served NW community of Ranchlands. Our main goal is to run a welcoming and warm facility that can shape the nurturing of our Muslim youth in an Islamic and supportive environment. 

The centre successfully runs the following programs: 

  • Al-Salam Masjid
  • Al-Salam Academy (weekend school)
  • Al-Salam Preschool
  • Educational Programs
  • Community gatherings and iftars 
  • Blood Drives
  • Sports Programs
  • Youth Camps 
  • Daawa Activities


Located in the vibrant NE of Calgary, the MAC Islamic School (MIS), an Alberta Education accredited full-time school, is driven by the belief that solid Islamic values, emotional well-being and academic excellence are the foundation of the community’s success.
We aim to develop the individual’s learning and intellectual skills through generating integration between the Islamic curriculum and the program of studies prescribed by Alberta Education. Our vision is to inspire a love of learning while building Islamic character and foster graduates to become contributing citizens who are proud and confident in their Islamic faith.


Al-Salam Academy is an Islamic weekend school in Calgary that runs on Saturdays, teaching Arabic Language, Quran, and Islamic Studies through interactive learning styles. Classes are taught by dedicated and qualified teachers committed to investing and building our children’s bright futures.

Al-Salam Academy seeks to provide a safe, nurturing weekend school experience that enriches young learners with a sound Islamic foundation and solid Arabic language acquisition skills. By working hand in hand with parents in a shared-responsibility model, we prepare our valued learners with the skills they need to be successful and well-rounded Muslim Canadians.


Al-Salam Preschool is designed to establish a strong foundation for learning in an Islamic, safe and caring environment that promotes all children’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. We aim to nurture and develop intellectual curiosity, creative and critical thinking and an enthusiasm for lifelong learning, parallel to Islamic teachings. 

Our experienced teachers at Al-Salam Preschool cater the programme to provide guidance and opportunity for every child to develop his or her unique Muslim character and aesthetic development. The preschool is located at Al-Salam Centre and is designed for children ages 3 to 5. Lastly, we aspire to foster understanding, appreciation and respect for individual and cultural differences while celebrating and sharing our individual and cultural diversity as Canadian Muslims.