Outreach Department


After Eid Al-Fitr or Eid Al-Adha, MAC hosts its annual EidFest to celebrate Eid, an exciting event full of joy and amusement. EidFest aims to bring community members together in a delightful celebration with carnivals, congregational prayer and cultural songs (nasheed). Our Eidfest is one of the most vibrant festivals of the year.

EidFest is adorned with a variety of creative activities for all age groups. Kids and youth enjoy bouncy castles, petting zoo, outdoor arcades, pony rides, bubble soccer, sumo wrestling, face painting and henna. Also, there is an innovative bazaar that has various booths (cloth, books, advertisements) that friends and family can appreciate. And then, of course, a delicious meal is served that caters to the entire family, along with popcorn and cotton candy. 

The makeup of the Canadian society and the multi-cultural essence of Islam is reflected in EidFest. It is a beautiful opportunity for the wider community to observe and celebrate Eid with the Muslims. It certainly gives non-Muslims a glimpse of our celebrations.


The Education Muslim Achievement Awards Night (EMAAN) is an annual event that recognizes and empowers deserving youth in the community. Awards and scholarships are distributed to junior high, high school and post-secondary students for excellence in academics, community service and leadership. Awards are also given to young professionals who have achieved success through hard work and dedication. 

EMAAN started to flourish in Calgary in 2004, encouraging youth to seek knowledge by furthering their education and giving back to their community.

Providing up to $1000 in Scholarships for grade 12 students, EMAAN aims to support students in their academic endeavors. Graduation awards are given to students graduating from Grade 9, Grade 12, and post-secondary. Special Recognition Awards are also granted, including a Top Academic Student Award, Most Improved Student Award, Community Service and Youth Leadership Award, Arts Award, Athlete of the Year Award, Literature and Journalism Award, Qur’an Memorization Award, Arabic Language Award, Perseverance Award and Science Award.

The EMAAN ceremony is a delight to attend with friends and family.


MAC Give is not about donating but rather making a difference. How? By giving back to our communities. MAC Give is a program designed to implant in the Canadian Muslim community a sense of responsibility toward society at large and to establish Muslims as an integral and vital part of all philanthropic activities in the country. 

MAC Give’s vision is to establish itself as a benchmark in philanthropic work in Canada; this is usually done by partnering up with existing charitable community organizations to help volunteer with causes that are important to us. Our goal is to volunteer our time regularly to events and organizations outside of our Muslim community, creating a sense of belonging in our Canadian society while indirectly powerfully conveying the message of Islam.


A single pint can save three lives, and blood products are always needed for patients undergoing surgery or cancer treatments.

Under the umbrella of MAC Give is the Blood Drive, for people live when people give. The Canadian Blood Services reaches out to MAC to seek support from the Muslim Community to help gather blood donors. The Blood Drive encourages members of the Muslim community to volunteer to give blood. This gracious program guides healthy community members to book online to make donating blood simple and friendly.