Youth Open Halaqat

MAC Youth halaqat are religious study circles aimed at helping youth elevate themselves spiritually and mentally. Geared toward children and youth from Grades 1 to University, MAC Youth halaqat engage youth by offering talks on various topics followed by reflections and discussions. Guest speakers, brothers and sisters with a high level of Islamic knowledge and a wealth of experience in Islamic community work, are often brought on board to connect with our youth.

Halaqa topics are covered holistically and comprehensively, allowing youth to gain more than a cursory understanding of the subjects they are learning.

In the spirit of helping youth become well-rounded and knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects, topics include:

  • Islamic content, such as the purification of the soul, history, etc.
  • Soft skills like leadership, public speaking, and time management.
  • Youth concerns, including problems regularly faced as well suitable Islamic solutions.

One of the primary goals of the MAC Youth halaqat is to provide youth with the opportunity to make new friends and develop beneficial, long-lasting relationships with other Muslim youth. Accordingly, the halaqat periodically organize various outdoor and indoor activities to give participants the chance to spend time together.

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Grade 1 to Grade 6

Holy Quran

Junior High

Halaqa sisters

High School & Uni

Halaqa brothers