COVID-19 Regulations

MAC Westmount Masjid is now open for 5 daily prayers and Jumua, Alhamdullilah!

We would like to welcome our community back to our beloved Masjid. This communication outlines the following information:

  1. Daily prayers
  2. Guidelines for attending prayer services
  3. Resumption of Centre Programming and Services
  4. Additional general guidelines and safety measures

Daily Prayers

  • To attend 5 Daily prayers (Fajr to Isha) – No online REGISTRATION REQUIRED
    • UPON ARRIVAL, attendees must register & complete short self-screening survey.
    • There is no need to register online ahead of time as there is enough space
    • Follow guidelines listed below
    • For prayer times check out the website:

Guidelines for Attending Prayer Services

  • We need your help to ensure everyone’s safety. Please be mindful of the following:
    • Complete self assessment at prior to each visit:
    • Kindly bring your own prayer mat.
    • Please wear a mask and practice physical distancing while at the masjid and during prayer (2 meters, 6 ft apart)
    • Make your wudu at home. The washrooms will not be available
    • You may be asked to keep shoes with you to prevent overcrowding
    • Avoid handshakes, embracing, close talking etc.
    • Please use hand sanitizer upon entering/exiting the mosque.
    • Attendees are expected to exit right after prayer so as to avoid gatherings and maintain Safety.

Resumption of Centre Programming and Services

  • Our remaining programming and services will remain closed for the time being as we are currently working on developing a few new policies and protocols that will be required in order to maintain the health and safety of our community members and staff.
  • For Arabic/Qur’an, please see our website for more details and information.
  • We will announce our re-opening date as well as the policies and protocols that will be in place in the near future Insha’Allah.

Additional General Guidelines and Safety Measures

  • We established the following guidelines to ensure two key outcomes:
    1. Your safety and the the safety of fellow community members and our staff and volunteers.
    2. Ensure a reliable tracing mechanism for Public Health Ontario in case any positive infection cases were registered among any person who entered the masjid.
  • In order to reduce the chances of infection – we are:
    • Opening our congregation to healthy adults, between the ages of 14 and 70, in line with recommendations by Public Health Ontario in order to keep the vulnerable populations in our community safe.
    • Beginning with a capacity of 100 in order to comply with the provincial directive and ensure everyone has equal opportunity to attend the mosque. Both women and men are welcome.
    • Ensuring the appropriate physical distancing measures of 2 meters (6ft.) are in place in entry and exit queues, within the mosque and during congregational prayer.
    • Designating separate entrances and exits (when possible) and staggering entrance, exit and salah to reduce bottlenecks in communal spaces and hall ways.
    • Increasing the frequency of our cleaning and disinfection procedures in general and paying special attention to high touch areas between congregational prayers.
    • Having sanitizing stations available to our congregants.
    • Limiting access to high contact areas such as water fountains, play areas, shoe area and bathrooms.