Welcome to London!

You’ll find that the very purpose of our chapter is to help Muslims like you, we’re here to support you, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need guidance.

Below is some resources we’ve compiled to make things easier.

Friday Prayers

Please check the MAC Centres page for a list of prayer locations in London.  Other local location offering Friday prayer services include the London Muslim Mosque, Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario, Al-Hyatt Mosque, Bosnian Canadian Islamic Centre, the North London Islamic Centre, and the Muslim Youth Association of London.

Daily Prayers

You can check the “Prayer Times” section on the Home page for prayer timings and locations.  Other locations in the city are listed in the Friday prayers section and can also be found in this link.


  • Public Schools
    • The public school board in London is called the Thames Valley District School Board.  For a complete list of public schools in London, including french immersion program schools, click here.
    • To find a Thames Valley District School Board in your designated area, click here.
  • Islamic Schools


Below are some activities your children can participate in:



  • For a list of Halal restuarants, click here.

Women and Girls

Check the MAC London Programs page for available programs for sisters.