Volunteer with MAC Youth Jr.

Do you want to mentor youth and make a positive impact?

MAC Youth Jr (MYJ) is looking for sisters and brothers to be mentors for the weekly children’s program.

Role and Responsibilities:
– Mentor a group of 8 – 10 children/youth
– Be a role model for youth
– Adhere to Islamic morals and character
– Ensure digital citizenship among participants
– Build positive relationships with the children/youth
– Deliver material in a creative, engaging, and INTERACTIVE method according to group needs
– Coordinate tasks and responsibilities with co-mentor
– Attend a mentor meeting once a month to further develop skills and provide input

Time Commitment:
– 2 hours every Friday night (6pm – 8pm)
– 0.5 – 1 hour preparing for the session (all workshop plans and materials are provided. You need to prepare by reviewing material thoroughly before the session)
– 1 hour mentor meeting once a month